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A little introduction to me

My life started to become influenced by a holistic approach through my journey with sight loss. I have been visually impaired all of my life and lost my sight after two accidents, the second of which happened in 2018 and pressed reset on many aspects of my life.

Many of the skills I’d developed as a visually impaired person crossed over to life with complete sight loss, so I had a head start on adapting to being blind. What I wasn’t expecting was the effect on my wellbeing which really took a nose dive. Never being one to sit still for too long, my research into wellbeing began. 

I attended a therapy retreat which gave me a solid platform to start on. Beginning to heal past wounds enabled me to focus on my inner being and learn how best to nourish this. I discovered meditation and this was a life changer. It enabled me to cut through the noise and hear the things I needed to.

Through this inner work I reached the point where I started to consider what I wanted to do professionally now my previous career was not possible. The wellbeing sector had helped me so much so I took a closer look at what was possible in this field. 

I’d always had an interest in massage, I was attracted by the peace, tranquillity and revitalisation they provide. Another drawing point was that I would be helping others – I couldn’t think of a better way to turn something devastating into something empowering. Since qualifying as a manual therapist I’ve gone on to gain further qualifications in complimentary therapy, spa meditation and pregnancy massage.

I set up my garden treatment room and Five Senses Therapy was launched. My aim is to provide a welcoming space where all women can come to experience stillness and connect with their wellbeing. You will find a warm welcome at Five Senses Therapy. My practice exists to aid healing, I promise you will leave your session feeling recharged and connected with your mind and body. 

I look forward to working with you,


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